Saturday, July 4, 2009

Still Frustrated...

I haven't really written much lately because there isn't much to report. I am at a stalemate of sorts in the quest to find new hearing aids. My local audiologist seems at a loss as to what to try next, and my personal belief is that she doesn't have a lot of experience...I get the feeling a lot of her patients are elderly people. My previous audiologist seems incredibly difficult to get ahold of. But I wonder if trying something like the Naida with her doing the adjustements (as she has a much larger client base and most likely more experience) might not be worth the effort? And, effort it would be...a 30 minute drive, I would NOT be able to bring my son with me (which, frankly is for the best but going to be pretty difficult to find someone to watch him for a long period of time in the middle of the workday) and there would be no running back to the office for a quick adjustment.

The benefits of the local audi are that she is EXTREMELY accomodating, both to fitting me in for whatever I need and sensitive to the fact that I have a 2 year old and can't always drop him off at my husband's work or have a babysitter.

When I last left it, I was leaving for vacation. She was going to look into a Seimans and an Oticon model for me to try, and I told her I'd contact her when I returned. I did, and also let her know I seem to be unable to reach my old audi via email. I asked if she would be willing to call her for consultation purposes and ask for any recommendations. This was over a week ago, and I still have not heard back from her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serious frustrations, but I'm trying not to stress or let it ruin my summer. My husband and I are discussing another baby and decided to wait 1 more year. For him, this was because of just not being ready. For me, the top burner thought was "I need to figure out this situation before having another baby." Nice huh. I started looking into getting new aids IN MARCH. It should NOT be 4 months later with no success!!

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