Monday, July 6, 2009

Maybe A Little Hope?

This morning I received an email from my local audiologist promising me she hadn't forgotten about me, and she was desperately trying to find some type of hearing aid that is comprable to what I have.

On a whim, I emailed the author of a blog called The Hearing Corner. During my research I came across his blog and I liked the way that he wrote. He is an audiologist in Florida who seems to take a lot of pride in his work of helping people, in particular challenging cases. On a whim I emailed him my situation. In the space of 6 hours we have corresponded back and forth 2 times and he has already contacted someone at Phonak about trying to find a pair of Perseos for me. He is also a big Naida fan, so in the event locating Perseos doesn't happen (and to be honest, I have no illusions that it will) I may try to find someone more knowledgable with the Naida.

In any event, if I actually do have readers, head on over to his page. Interesting and uplifting. In addition, the quickness and eagerness of his response to a random email reassures me of the good in the world, or something like that. And who knows...maybe there is something out there for me after all...

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