Friday, July 17, 2009

About Me

Wow in the space of a few days I have actual people reading this and COMMENTS!! I think my general hope for this blog is to connect with people who have a similar loss to mine and who share similar feelings, struggles, and challenges as I do.

To be honest, being that it is summertime, I haven't had the time to peruse blogs and write as much as I want to. And, unlike my personal blog which is full of information about me, my family, and our life together, this blog is mainly to express and spotlight just one facet of who I am--a deaf/HOH individual.

So I thought I would make a list of tidbits about myself that have nothing to do with my disability. I am up VERY early today...leaving for a weekend with family and friends in the mountains, and I'm as packed as I can possibly be until my little boy gets up! So, here goes...

1. I am (almost) 31 years old.

2. I am short, and relatively fit, though I feel I will always struggle with my body image.

3. I have 1 sister who is 28, a physician's assistant as of this August, and probably the person I am the closest to.

4. She lives in North Carolina, which is 8 hours from Pennsylvania, where I live. This sucks.

5. I have been married for nearly 4 years, and my husband and I have been together for 9.

6. I have 1 son who is the light of my life. He just turned 2 last week.

7. Being a mom is the best thing in the WHOLE world. If only it didn't go so fast.

8. I would like a second child, but at the same time I wrestle with the idea of being a family of 3.

9. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, but spent all of my post-college working years as a veterinary technician.

10. I absolutlely loved my profession and place of employment. Truly some of the best years of my life were spent there. I think, however, that I will persue another venture whenever I'm doing being a stay-at-home mom, mainly because my most recent place of employment was terrible, and there are very few GOOD vet hospitals around here. After working with the best its hard to go down a level.

11. It goes without saying that I love animals...and yet I'm married to someone who could live without them. So, we have 1 dog and 1 cat, and will probably never have another cat after this one passes. I will always, always have a dog, however.

12. I live in a big, beautiful house on 10 acres of woods. It is our "dream house". Its a lot of work and probably has made us a bit house-poor but its a HOME and not just a house.

13. I am very blessed to have an awesome family. My parents, sister, and many extended relatives are all wonderful.

14. I am also very blessed to have a large number of close friends. I have high school friends, college friends, old family friends, post-college friends, and new friends...and I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. I love meeting people and feel that everyone has something to offer.

15. The best day of my life (until my son was born) was my wedding day. Aside from marrying my husband of course, ALL of the above mentioned people came together, for us. It was cathartic to see my father meet my mentor/boss, or to see my old high school BFF doing shots with my friends from Philly.

16. I am incredibly nostalgic.

17. I have several creative passions...writing is one. Photography is another. I would really like to have the motivation someday to turn one of these "hobbies" into something financially lucrative!

18. I grew up riding horses. I was never a "horse person" and probably won't ever be one of those women who begs her husband for a horse (as my mom was!!) but it was an experience I will never regret.

19. I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life, but I love to travel. My husband and I have been to Montana three times--mainly because my high school friends ended up out there. We quickly fell in love and in a perfect world, would probably live there too. Except for the long winters.

20. I hate winter. This is unfortunate, since we live in the base of the Poconos.

21. I love summer, living things, outdoors, hiking, fresh air, campfires...basically anything summer and outside, I love.

22. I started running 1.5 years ago, in attempt to lose more baby weight. I have learned that (a) you can come to love something you previously hated (b) loose skin sadly does not evaporate and (c) That I have the desire to run a 5k. It would probably help if I continued my running in the colder months, but that just isn't do-able with a 2 year old!

23. I don't really cook, but have lately been tapping into my domestic side. I've been spoiled by a husband who is a phenomenal cook...but 2 years of working and coming home to cook are taking its I feel dinner is going to be my responsibility sooner rather than later!

24. I never thought I would be into gardening, but I am!

25. My favorite time of day is early morning. I love the quiet time of me, my coffee, and my laptop (or me, my dog, and a stroller-free run) and feel my most energized, refreshed, and creative...

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